Our Mission

Rebuild Southern Africa Association (RSAA) is dedicated to uplifting Africans from all groups and races by providing, daily nutrition, healthcare, schooling, tools and job placement. The purpose of RSAA is to provide opportunities to HIV AIDS orphans as well as adults living below the poverty line in Southern Africa and elsewhere in the world in order for them to gain self respect and become productive global citizens. RSAA promotes hope to people left behind by providing food, infrastructure, resources, training, basic health care and social support.

Our Charities

Our projects focus on supporting the orphans in the Tugela Ferry community through supporting the foster families of AIDS orphans, as well as the hospital and orphanage in the community.  One of the ways we support these children is through the Khayelisha Care Project http://www.khayelisha.org/ in Tugela Ferry.

Tugela Ferry Monthly Food Parcels





Cost is $20 per family per month

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With more than 22,000 orphans in Msinga (the county of Tugela Ferry) many of whom are cared for in large family groupings headed by elderly ladies, malnutrition contributes significantly to the lack of brain development in children under six and has long term effects on the child’s ability to learn effectively. 50% of all children admitted into local hospitals show signs of malnutrition.

RSAA supports Khayelisha, an organization which currently feeds around four hundred and fifty people a month by providing the basics needed for survival. A typical food parcel consists of 44lb maize meal, ½ gal oil, 8.8lb beans and 4.4lb rice. We supplement this basic package with nutrient rich foods like spinach (Sustainable development provided by RSAA).


Our food deliveries also provide us the opportunity to asses conditions under which these children live, enabling us to identify signs of disease, neglect and abuse before a child’s situation becomes irreversible.

The program is only limited by our ability to provide. But for a small amount of money, more food parcels can be sent to AIDS orphans and help them receive good nutrition — something which is very important because of their poor immune systems.


Tugela Ferry Fruit Trees





Cost of a fruit Tree planted is $14.00

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Although RSAA mainly focuses on sustainable food programs for the orphans and foster families who care for them, we also aim to make a holistic impact in their lives by working as a team with these other groups. Our new project for which we are seeking funding is to provide each foster family with a fruit tree that is acclimated to the area. Each family will use the fruit that they need and then they can sell the rest and earn a little income for other needs. It is important to understand that these people are extremely poor. The fruit tree program is designed to be sustainable like the Veggie Tunnels and Chicken Coop and Chickens projects.

We will be planting mango and papaya, or “pawpaw”, trees. Our goal is to plant at least 400 trees in 2013 which cost $14 per tree including transport, compost and transaction cost.  This is a great long-term sustainable project and RSAA is looking forward to planting thousands of trees within the greater Tugela Ferry area.

Fruit tree - Elzeth

Elzeth Malherbe (Khayelisha Care) next to a Mountain papaya or locally known as “pawpaw tree”.

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